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10 reasons why you are constantly tired

Make sufficient sleep and are still tired? Before you find the guilty to rapid way of living and numerous obligations, get to know the typical causes of chronic fatigue.

Lack of sleep
Many people suffer from insomnia temporarily, which disturbs the sleep cycle and regenerative processes that occur at night. The need for sleep varies by age, example: babies need 16 hours of sleep, teens and adults about 9 between 7 and 8 hours. Some were enough even 5 while some others have definitely 10 hours of sleep.

Lack of food
Inadequate nutrition – lack of food or poor selection of nutrition – can create organic problem. If you start the day with dessert then the blood sugar level will rise quickly up and down swiftly, from what you feel weakened. Therefore it is best to eat healthy combination of protein and complex carbo-hydrates – example: eggs and toast.

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Anemia usually occurs in women during menopause, but also to those who are able to reproduce if they have large spill during menstruation. Men suffer less from this phenomenon. Treatment depends on the cause of this phenomenon, however, should consume foods that contain iron or take supplements.

Work slowed thyroid gland
This gland with internal secretion occurred in the throat, metabolizmin- speed controls how the body turns food into energy. Poor functioning of its metabolism slows with what you are feeling tired and weight increase.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
If fatigue is daily and lasts up to 6 months, and is pronounced so that it can not perform the obligations of everyday life – then you have a realistic chance of suffering from chronic fatigue. Exercise, change habits and improve quality of sleep can help is to overcome this phenomenon.

Barriers to sleep at night
Short interruptions of breathing during the night disrupt normal sleep rhythm. Although you make enough time to sleep feeling tired again. This situation usually occurs in men who drank alcohol and tobacco.


Intolerance to food
If you feel exhausted after consuming any food, you can become intolerant to that food. In the case of celiac disease, consuming gluten can cause violent reaction of the organism.

In contrast to healthy people who turn sugar into energy, to diabetics keep blood. The consequence of this is the lack of energy after consuming the food. One of the typical symptoms without diagnosed diabetes is extreme fatigue.

Heart problems
When everyday activities, such as building scale or cleaning the house, you extremely tiring you may have problems with heart function. Fatigue in these cases is an early indicator of heart disease.

Depression causes not only physical but also mental disorders. Their overall fatigue, loss of appetite and headache are indicative of depression. If you are in this state for more than two weeks, contact the physician.

Sometimes the causes of fatigue can be common. Numerous obligations, child care, or minority surplus kilos, all of which impact on the level of energy you have. However it is best to eliminate any medical cause for fatigue expressed or lasts a while, because it may be a warning of hidden illness

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