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Quick Diet: Make a potion that “burns” fat deposits

Sassy diet water you can make by yourself from simple ingredients. Cynthia Sass, who created the beverage, said that after four days of regular consumption of this drink you can lose three pounds and 10 inches off the waist circumference.

To create Sassy water, you need fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, a cucumber, a lemon, and 8.5 cups of water (use filtered or bottled water – a glass of 250 ml).

Wash lemons, cut and open it in half and remove the seeds. Each half a bit finish cutting and place in a pot with water (8.5 cups).

No peeling lemons, or do not wring the juice into the water. Peel the cucumber and chop into rings and add to the water..

Take 8 to 12 fresh mint leaves, wash them and add them.

sassy dietPeel ginger  and grate in a mixture with water.  All this mix both, cover and refrigerate overnight.

The following day, drink only water Sassy, chilled, when you are thirsty.

At least four days, prepare daily fresh Sassy water with these ingredients ,to get the results. Water can drain and every time you put it on the glass.

It contains zero calories and it is well known that water alone greatly helps weight loss, and these other ingredients accelerate the burning of fat and safely reduce tummy.

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