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10 reasons why you should drink warm water with honey in the morning

You’ve probably heard that many people drink on an empty stomach in the morning hot water with honey.
Such a practice is very useful for the body. A tasty beverage is a great replacement for coffee and awakens the body and it takes only seven minutes to be absorbed completely.

Add 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink this every morning. Honey is particularly useful food if genuine. For better results you can add the juice of one lemon and a little cinnamon.

The cup with honey and hot water helps to reduce weight and provide energy to the organism treated.

This is particularly useful combination especially in winter because:

Acting antimicrobial,

Cure coughs and colds,

It strengthens the immune system,

It cleanses the body of toxins

Accelerates metabolism,

Helps with chronic constipation

Neutralize acids in the stomach,

Calms nerves

Removes bad odor from the mouth.

Rejuvenates and makes the skin supple.

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