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Try it: This is a magic potion for weight loss and detoxification

Only one cup from this miraculous potion will help you to clean your body  from toxins, will raise your immunity, recover digestive tract and replenish you with energy.

This great drink can be consumed in unlimited quantities at work, at home or after training

This drink is rich in vitamins A, B and C helps your liver, regenerates its work and clean the whole organism. Observe it as a fuel that will help your body to work flawlessly all day long.

Best of all is, that for this juice you need only three ingredients, which are available in every store, and these are:

honey -gingerIngredients:

1 lemon
4 apples
1 fresh root of ginger
glass of water


All groceries should be organic.

Peel a lemon, four apples(together with peel), and a piece of fresh ginger, about 5 cm. All ingredients put in a juicer and you’ve got a delicious drink. Feel free to dilute with water because it is very strong. Of course, if it suits you in this form, freely consume immediately.

However, for more effect it is best to prepare the drink in the morning and consume it before breakfast on an empty stomach.

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