On the claws of anorexia:From a wonderful MODEL to the horrible skeleton

Greece’s Most Beautiful Model Nana Karagianni Battles Anorexia (Shocking Pictures)

Nana Karagianni is one of the most favorite hostess in Greece. In the past she worked as a model, then as a hostess. It is known that people with this profession can not afford to neglect the physical appearance.

Namely, it is this seemingly innocent pressure that must always be in top form is the reason that many models, dancers and actresses fall into the clutches of anorexia.

Nana 2

The same happens with Nana. Today she is a producer and its image is not so important, but it still can not beat this dreaded disease.

On the following pictures you will understand how much it all cost the …

In the continuation, can also see the videos below about  Greece’s  Model Nana Karagianni

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