Grandmother’s syrup for cleaning of fats and excess salt in the body

This drink frees the body of excess salt, positively affect the overall health of the body.

For this healthy folk remedy requires only two ingredients – Garlic and Red Wine.

red wine 11


12 cloves of garlic cut into quarters. Put them in a jar and pour half with a liter of red wine.

Close the jar and hold it to the light for approximately two weeks.
Once – twice a day shake the jar.
After 15 days, strain the contents of the jar and the liquid pour into a glass bowl.

Take from this drink one teaspoon three times per day for about a month and you will have the desired effects.


  1. for the recipe above, when it says “hold it to the light for approx two weeks”. Are you saying it should be in a sunny window or in a dark cupboard. Hold it to the light….

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