The woman who shared the recipe as it claims that saved her life: She’s healed from cancer!

A woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose name was not released, decided to share the recipe with others which helped in the treatment of cancer

The recipe is based on ginger and honey, and her as she claims ,helped back to life after a few days. The woman, what she says had a cancer of the endocrine glands, and was on the apparatus for 20 days. She’s managed to heal without surgery and chemotherapy, as she claims now fly from health .

For preparing required two major roots of ginger which should be cleaned and grated in smallest by using the electric macerator. Then ginger mixed in half a kg of honey, but keep in mind the honey should be domestic.


The made mixture put in a jar and eat one teaspoon three to four times daily. It is important to use plastic, ceramic or wooden spoon. Metal is strictly prohibited.

The first effects should be felt after two to three days, and this mixture after the words of this woman “rises from the dead.”

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