Truth and Proven – Cabbage juice cures 100 of diseases! – Protects against colon cancer, remedy for constipation,and ……..

Cabbage is one of many products that can be enjoyed as a food and as a medicine, i.e. as an auxiliary remedy. It is abundant in minerals, which are necessary for the development of our organism.

The folk medicine has long ago discovered the healing power of green. Its use is recommended for anemic people, but also is a natural antiseptic, restoring lost vitamins and minerals.

Cabbage is a strong diuretic, a natural laxative, and has a beneficial impact and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Above all, it is a real savior who relieves chronic cough and morning hangover.
Also, people who consume two or more times a week, cabbage, triple less at risk of suffering from colon cancer, unlike those who do not eat.

The juice of cabbage particularly valued as a healing agent. The salt shaker sauerkraut is popular means of treatment due to inflammation of the ear.

cabbage-juice (1)In the case of hearing loss, it is recommended that a simple recipe that requires little clean cotton cloth or cotton swab soaked in brine. After cotton nice dip in cabbage juice, should be placed in the ear of the patient before bedtime. If not injured eardrum, hearing will soon be corrected.

The juice of sauerkraut is a great drink for problems in the digestive tract or against swollen feet. Cabbage Juice in combination with carrot juice or beet is excellent for all people diagnosed with calcium deficiency and for those who suffer from osteoporosis.

Sauerkraut juice is also an excellent drink for people with stomach ulcers or inflammation of the colon.

It is full of vitamin C and U, which has strong anti-inflammatory action. Supplies the body with sodium, cleans the intestines and is used as a remedy for constipation. Furthermore, the combination of cabbage juice and olive oil is a winning combination for gallstones.

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