Cotton with brandy on the navel! – For During the common cold, of menstrual pain, flu, cough and abdominal pain.

Tested method to treat various conditions in folk medicine is setting cotton with brandy to the navel. Using this method the whole body relaxes and gets rid of the pain ..

This method is very effective when we have the flu, we have a colds or sore muscles.

Putting cotton with brandy to the navel in children use when abdominal pain or vomiting during travel.

When you cough, colds or flu simply soak cotton in brandy, push it nicely and put it on the the navel. You can stick with duct tape or cover it with a nylon bag and a cloth.


During the of menstrual pain use the same method,stay in the supine position and press cotton with hands.

To avoid vomiting during travel, as well as to ease the pain in your stomach, you can do the following. Soak cotton in brandy, push it, sprinkle with salt and stick it on the the navel of the child.

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