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Miracle remedy – by young wheat cured from cancer in the terminal stage!

When doctors informed Mr. Danny Mac Donald from Ireland that got stomach cancer, and probably with this disease will not live more than three months, Mr.Danny ignored the advice of doctors and to avoid chemotherapy he began with natural remedies to save his life from cancer.

And now four years later, Danny feels excellent, thanks to the daily protocol has mastered and which includes drinks and juice from wheatgrass – superfood with a variety of amazing health benefits.

After ruptured ulcer, Danny was taken to hospital where team of doctors struggled to stop bleeding and to discover that actually has a severe form of cancer in the terminal phase and that has metastasized throughout the body. Then Danny became aware for his condition and he has been warned by a team of doctors that the only way to save him from cancer, right way is to start with chemotherapy and radiation.

Danny-Mc-Donald cured from cancerUnlike most people, Danny decided to find and other methods for curing . Later, he decided on its own, home treatment involves young wheat, young trees of this plant.

“I stopped using pills that are attributed and from that day to this day I have not put any pill in my mouth,and one month later, the pain was gone and I knew I was on the best way to recovery. Wheat is operated. Make the right decision that rejects doctors and their advice. “- said Mr.Danny

He was started with 28 grams (0.98oz) of wheat juice per day, up to 200 grams (7oz.). and finally successfully beat cancer, and his disease is living proof of the regenerative power of young wheat.

It is a young, green wheat, raised before the development of grain. I picked up that high 15-20 cm in order to make optimal use of medicinal substances list cross to grain.

Being in good conditions, need to know that the young wheat contains 82-92 minerals present in the ground, according to experts is that one teaspoon of wheatgrass powder contains the same amount as the pounds of organic fruits and vegetables.

According to Mr.Danny therapy should begin with three grams daily wheatgrass powder, and then gradually increasing to 6 grams (0.21oz) per day.

Wheat collected, dried, and finally get crushed powder .. dissolved in warm water and consume it. The water should not be hot or boiling because both destroys some of the nutrients. It can be used fresh, dripping in a juicer with a tail.

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