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Why Nutella it’s so good and yummy and delicious! because it is full … After you read this you will be in shock

I’d really want to tell you that Nutella is an excellent choice for any start the day as each advertisement on the same talk, but I can not because that would be a lie.

How is god awful to be the bearer of bad news, it’s time to stand up for themselves and their children and say no to GMO products that we are almost poetic advertised under the guise of healthy food.
I wonder when it happened the moment this shift in our head that we have become so sceptible to the influence, so naive and so lazy to think for a moment before the get down to shelves in search of his specimen the silent killers that we repeatedly poisoned by the day, and we allow him blindly because we believe luring from advertising that says it’s healthy and it’s a real example of Nutella nutritional meals. I admit that seemingly harmless act of extremely simple ingredients like milk, hazelnuts and sugar. Even the mother of advertisements eager to feed the children Nutella, so why should not we?


Even we identify with it because they are our children after eating Nutella ready to “grab” in the day, although it seems to have been more willing grab ‘more Nutella. Mom from advertising works really hard to convince us that Nutella is part of a healthy meal, although it is not actually part of anything healthy. Of course not all the ingredients of Nutella unhealthy and GMO, but only one was enough to wish to show finger lures from advertising, and here will give you four.

HAZARD of Nutella:

Many will oppose this view because Asian cultures consume soy often for centuries and is sure why it’s good for us. Asian culture actually consume very small amounts of naturally grown soybeans, means not approximate quantity as we do.
More concretely, in this case we are talking about soy lecithin, and he’s not your friend. Why? Because, for example. association with any of the thyroid to cause depression, uncontrolled weight increase, fatigue,delay menstruation, premature entry into puberty and breast cancer. No, no, you are not a friend of the soy lecithin.

Sugar from genetically modified sugar beet is known as a very inexpensive full of pesticides and altered sugar that our bodies do not recognize as sugar. The most important thing is that it is inexpensive. Less important is that these sugars are called neurotoxins because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier and in addition cause the death of brain cells. Also be associated with cases such as ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, migraine and etc..

Skim Milk
Immediately you start to chip out of your head the image of green meadows and happy cows because the reality is very different. What we have is not skim milk, but pus filled milk cows that are sick fish for GMO corn, antibiotics, and who knows with what all is that with as little cost as much pull diseased milk, which were further abused until they were knocked out of him and the last “mu”.
Then in the final result aka white liquid, odorless, so you like to call the milk added to milk powder which is otherwise full of the most dangerous type of cholesterol ever.

Etiquette says no artificial colors, interesting as they conveniently forgot to mention artificial flavors such as vanilla mention. Vanilla tricks your brain and think you can feel the true vanilla. Your brain is confused, vanilla essence and still gets you a shot down while crossing the blood-brain barrier as a neurotoxin and kills you a few brain cells when it is already there.

no_nutellaIn addition, the vanilla is very dangerous because it causes addiction liaising with the receptors in your brain, causing the release of serotonin or “I feel great” hormones. Another interesting thing is that the cheaply produces in China petroleum-based, and China is a leading manufacturer of vanillin in the world and a major distributor of food manufacturers around the world.

It’s time to draw a boundary and say no neurotoxins, no GMO sugar, not cheap and artificial vanilla, it’s time to say NO Nutella, legal poisoner of you and your children.

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