Expelling Mucus Out Of The Lungs With Homemade Syrup

If you or your children are suffering from mucus in lungs there is an efficient way to eliminate it with this homemade syrup.


1 tablespoon flaxseed

1 tablespoon marshmallow

1 sliced lemon

1 quart filtered water

1 cup of maple syrup (pure)


Add the pure maple syrup in a saucepan filled with water.

Use medium heated stove to preheat the maple syrup.

Syrup For Expelling Mucus Out Of The Lungs

Other ingredients can be added now and then turn your heat on low.

Heat it up for next 15 minutes; now remove the saucepan and strain.

Three times a day take one tablespoon of syrup.

Keep using it for few days until you feel better. Don’t forget to keep this homemade syrup in your fridge.

Source: Organic Health

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