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How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Lemons In Your Home

Let us explain for those who haven’t seen a flowering lemon tree yet, so you will better understand why is worth it growing your own one. Their dark green, oval and lush leaves will shimmer in sunlight with their glossy texture. Their flowers bloom that is so delicate and soft to the touch will deliver a heavenly citrus fragrance. Their alluring quality is provided by nature, while in the end you will get excited expecting possibility of fruit!

Lemon tree usually has a tendency to flourish in sunny regions where the weather is mostly hot, but they also grow in cold-season regions as indoor edible houseplants. We have grown a healthy lemon tree in a garage of organic food store (it’s where I work), that not only makes an impressive sight during Canadian winter but it also produces beautiful massive fruits.


Sensible option for fast fruit is considered rooting cuttings, but in many parts of the world they’re not readily available. But it’s a different thing with lemons. For your tree to be capable of producing fruit it will need around 3 – 6 years, but starting from seed can be very rewarding thing to do. At the moment I have five small seedlings ready, and it took me very little effort to germinate them all during the winter. One of the best fascinating and exciting experiences is watching them grow and waiting for the best yet to come.

lemon treeI will guide step by step how to grow from seed your own lemon tree:

Following steps should be obtained in order for you to grow your own lemon tree:

1.) Use only organic lemon which is more natural and healthy since non-organic lemon contains seed that are not germinated.

2.) Fertile potting soil, which contains vermiculite, natural fertilizers and peat

3.) Size of the planting pot should be at least six inch. deep and six inch.wide

4.) Seedling pot should be 12 inch. deep by 24 inch. wide

5.) Best climate is sunny, for indoor growing you will need a grow lamp

Steps that should be followed to grow your lemon tree:

1.) Potting soil should be moisten all the way so that it is damp, but not soaked

2.) Place the soil in the smaller pot up to an inch below the rim

3.) Remove a seed from cut lemon. From its surface remove all of the pulp. An efficient way to perform this is to suck on it until it is clean.

4.) Plant it quickly. When a seed is buried in the soil should still be moisten. Now plant the seed in the middle of the pot half an inch deep.

5.) Use a spray bottle to water the soil gently right above the seed.

6.) Use a plastic wrap to cover the pot and some rubber band to seal good the edges. Now with a pencil poke some holes in the top.

7.) Place the pot in sunny location where is warm.

8.) Don’t let the soil to dry out by performing regular spraying with water. This is done for keeping the soil moist, but do not cause water to puddle though.

9.) You can take the plastic covering off after two weeks, when you should see the sprouting emerging. You can use a grow light if your lemon plant needs additional light, as a substitute for sunlight.

10.) The young plant should be taken care nicely by keeping the soil damp, and make sure it gets at least 8 hours of light per day. Doses of organic fertilizer should be moderated as you giving it.

11.) Various bugs or diseases can attack your plant so you should watch over it in order to prevent it. Dead leaves that turn brown should be prune off if necessary. Protect your lemon tree by using pesticides if you must.

12.) You can put the plant in the larger pot after it has outgrown a smaller one. Now you can repeat the same procedure used above with the larger pot, with one difference; older plants need more water than younger one. It’s a mistake to starve your plant now after all that work.

When that special day comes seeing your tree bearing fruit, you know your hard work has paid off. I know that buying a lemon at the market is much easier thing to do, but growing your own will give you that unique educational experience which is well worth it. At your pleasure you can now enjoy fresh of the tree lemons, at the same time having your new home decor that looks excellent.

Source: growingwildceeds.wordpress.com

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