If you wondered why there are bags which get you with shoes? Please read this article!

Bags with silica gel can have multiple use, although up to now most of you probably inadvertently threw!

Small bags with silica gel you get whenever you buy new shoes, bags and etc.. Instead of throwing them, use them because they can really help you, and here’s how.

Namely, you can put in a box with tools, in a bag in which to carry things, gym bag or on the bag where you keep your camera because they prevent the accumulated moisture.

Put a few bags in the cupboard where you keep towels in the bag decorations for the Christmas tree because when you use next year will look like new.

Silica gelKeep despite windscreen of the car in order to prevent the blurring, put them in the dressing case with makeup so that they stay fresh, keep in Photo Album for pictures to look like new.

Keep near seeds who want to bury them to stay fresh.

Choose problem with bad smell of old books, pointing to the bag of silica.

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