We present you a natural cure for curing the digestive tract, which primarily solves the problems of digestion, hard and irregular stools and constipation. Good and regular stool is a key to good health.

Dysfunction of irregular or hard stools often causes serious health problems that can lead to many diseases.

Solution that is presented below is developed by a British surgeon Dr Neil O. Painter who with his team developed a series of experimental methods that solves this problem permanently and efficiently without using a single chemical or artificial drug.

The solution of the problem and the method Dr. Painter used is consisted of daily consumption of wheat bran in small amounts, mostly three times a day.

branThat’s right: all that you need is to consume regularly a few tablespoons of wheat bran per day. After 7-14 days of regular use of this method most people will fully recover being able to have 1-2 regular and soft stools in a day. In this experiment, it was discovered that different amounts of bran helps people with this kind of problem. Therefore, it’s recommended to start with two tablespoons of bran three times a day. If this does not work after 7-14 days, increase the amount to 3 tablespoons per day or keep the same measure in case the results prove to be adequate.

Bran is not easy to consume in a pure form, because they are dry, so you can put them in milk, soup, yogurt, water, add in some food or in some other way according to your taste.

It is only important to consume regularly 2-3 tablespoons of wheat bran 3 times a day.

Bran should be unprocessed so all patients who regularly use it have shown positive results. Hard and irregular stools are mostly caused by consuming food with lack of fibers.

Dr. Painter points out that there isn’t a specified dose for a person, so it is necessary that every patient should find a suitable amount experimenting in the range of 1-4 large tablespoons three times a day. This amount should be changed every 7 days till everyone finds for himself a suitable dose that would allow him 1-2 soft stools per day, which is considered normal.

After regulation of stool problems patient can continue to use bran in the diet if necessary. Irregular and hard stool is a very common problem for many people, both worldwide and in our country.

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