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Powerful Syrup For Melting Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones Can be Melted With This Powerful Syrup

One of the most painful conditions which a person can have is a problems with kidney stones, especially if the channel that leads from the kidney to the bladder is jammed with stones.

The worst part is that stone must pass through urinary tract to make its way to bladder.

This condition causes more trouble to men, since their urinary channel is longer.


Kidney stones, what are they?

Kidney stones are generally deposits of mineral – a certain form of calcium such as for example calcium oxalate. These calcium based mineral deposits inside your kidneys tend to form a sand-like stones.

Even if this kind of stone might be present in the kidneys, they do not show any visible symptoms to our health at first. They can remain like that for weeks, months or years.

Unless this stone start to move, then we might feel terrible pain in the hips, back and muddy-bloody urine.

In cases like this, physicians usually recommend the patient drinking liquids as much as possible, because urinating more is the most painless way to kick out this stones. At the same time they prescribe analgesics for the pain. Much more complicated way to remove kidney stones is actually surgery, which is applied when stone is too large.

Stone can be suppressed using another method and it also includes drinking a lot of fluids. In the article below we will explain this procedure, so you will expel the stone out of your body, by breaking it.

Things you need:

– Olive oil (cold pressed) – 250 gram/ 8.8 oz

Organic honey – 250 gram/8.8 oz

– Fresh lemon – 250 gram/8.8 oz

– Parsley root – 250 gram/8.8 oz

– Maple syrup (1 cup)

How to prepare:

Chopped lemon with rind into the blender and mixed well. Then you can add in the blender parsley root, after it has been cleaned and chopped. After mixing both , you can add olive oil and maple syrup, and mix everything together until you get a resulting mixture.

Place this homogeneous mixture in a glass jar and keep it cold in the fridge.

Each morning on an empty stomach consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture. And don’t forget to drink a lot of fluids during the same day.

The most active ingredient in this mixture is lemon. Kidney stone gets melted by the increased acidity of the urine. Parsley offers a great help in the whole process of urine creation for its natural diuretic abilities.

Honey is used in this process to soothe and it acts as antibiotic while oil helps to lubricate. Maple syrup makes this mixture have a better taste.

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