Cleaning the tongue for detoxification of the body, weight loss and good health

In Indian medicine cleaning the tongue is a fraction of the daily hygiene. It is done to remove accumulated toxins, food debris and harmful bacteria.

According to Ayurveda the clean tongue is the key to oral health and whole body.
Cleaning the tongue helps to feel the taste of food and its a clear perception of the brain. Here are for what cause food satisfy not only the hungry stomach and stimulate the mind through taste receptors that activate. And when dulled sense of taste, this leads to overeating and obesity.

Bacteria and fungi growing on the tongue are the cause of many common health problems. This is a favorable environment for pathogens that create inflammation and poison the body. Furthermore, the bacteria decompose emit volatile sulfur compounds in the back of the tongue. These molecules cause bad breath.

clean tongueTherefore we advise daily cleaning your tongue.

This will help to: Purification and stimulation of internal organs;

Reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth;
Adopting a less amount of food;
Preventing the formation of dental tartar;
Eliminate bad breath.

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