Each of us, have it at home: This food protects against cancer of the stomach!

It is always on the table – fresh in summer in winter in acidified form. If you thought the cabbage, then you were wrong

Who does not like when at the table has leaves stuffed or sour cabbage with pork or chicken? Addition to being tasty, the sauerkraut is very healthy and contains phytonutrients, sulfur compounds that protect the body from cancer of the stomach

Therefore, doctors often recommend it to people who have problems with digestion and overall a sensitive organism.

stomach cancerHealing properties in sour cabbage

Heals damaged skin caused by excessive exposure to UV rays ,also and rejuvenates your skin

It relieves stress

It improves mood

Helps in the production of red blood cells because it is rich in vitamin B12

Helps in building bone

It strengthens immunity

Soothing effect on the digestive organs, the stomach and intestines

Helps in the excretion of harmful substances from the organism

It lowers elevated cholesterol

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