Treatment with water and salt – Helps with varicose veins, internal hemorrhoids, headaches, insomnia, heartburn, cramps …

In damaged heart valves, veins, internal hemorrhoids, headaches, insomnia, heartburn, stiff fingers, high cholesterol, sclerotic limb muscles, stiff muscles, obesity, kidney stones, chronic constipation, enlarged liver, polyneuropathy

The recipe for the treatment with water is extremely effective and simple to use, but it takes perseverance.

Per kilogram (2.2 pounds) body weight it is necessary to take 30 ml (1.014 oz) of plain tap water a day, In 2 l (8.45 cup) of water we place 3 g (0.10 oz)of salt. Divide into 6 doses.

Take 1 dose half an hour before meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two and a half hours after eating, ie a total of 6 doses. If you consume a remedy, do not drink with this water.

Water and saltSample mode of drinking water:

– 07.00 – water;
– 07.30 – 8.00 Breakfast;
– 10.30 – water;
– 12.00 – water;
– 12.30 – 13.00 – Lunch;
– 15.30 – water;
– 18.00 – water;
– 18.30 – 19.00. Dinner;
– 21:30 – water.

The water you must drink out in sips, not immediately.
Blood pressure will be normalized. Varicose veins will be harvested, Haemorrhage in the eyes be clear.

If you miss a meal you have to drink the water! You should stop food with sweeteners – sugar.

If you drank half a liter of water, start with the same amount divided by 6 doses. In 2-3 days, increase the quantity of water. In diseased kidneys also, a few days after the urine gradually increase water and salt.

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