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Clean the sinuses in a natural way

When it comes to inflammation of the sinuses, immediately appear symptoms such as stuffy nose, cough, pain, sore throat, etc. In order to prevent diseases, it is better to clean the sinuses several times a year.

One of the methods for the purification of the sinuses with the help of honey. For that purpose we are looking for quality natural honey, but it must be crystallized. You must make two small balls the size of a pea.
Put one in each nostril and bending over head lying down with the nape and forehead backwards, to melt the honey and begin to move through the nose to the sinuses.

clean sinusesImmediately you feel the whole movement of honey in the nose, sinuses and throat finally. Generally, the procedure is accompanied with pain, but this means that the cleaning is started. The result is obvious – with plenty leakage of secretions from the sinuses, which will flow into the throat. It is better not to swallowed, but to cough out.

The procedure should be done one week, every day.

People with asthma or severe allergies should first consult a doctor.

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