Deformed bones from tight shoes – Anoint your feet with …

Deformed bones and joints in the hands or feet are pure torture, especially if you wear tight shoes. The reasons for this can be other – heredity, long wear uncomfortable shoes, as well as infringement on deposition of salts of the uric acid in the joints.

It is better to find the reason why it is necessary, to go to the doctor to determine the true cause of your condition.

To relieve pain, however, apply the following simple recipe.

In 10 ml. iodine tincture dissolve 5 aspirin tablets and mix well, until the mixture becomes colorless. Apply it in painful areas and put the socks or wear gloves if you have the same problems with your hands. The aim is to warm up the place well. Stay overnight with socks. Continue implementation of the recipe for two weeks,every night. Then pause per one month if necessary you can repeat after one month

bonesFor best effect you need to do four such cycles of treatment and you will have a visible improvement of the situation and the pain will disappear entirely.

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