Experiment for which talking around the world – Be careful where you leave your phone while you sleep!

Five girls from the ninth grade of a school in Denmark , brought out a very interesting experiment, which attracted great attention in the world and the photos they show on the Internet which sparked a storm of reactions in many researchers, biologists and experts on radiation in England, Netherlands and Sweden.

The experiment consists in the fact that they observed as developing seed of same herbs in two rooms. The seeds were exposed to the sun, have an equal amount of water and the same temperature.

In one room has wireless router that emits radiation like mobile phones, and in the other room has no router.

After 12 days, the seeds that were in the room where the router has, never grown up, and some herbs or mutated or have died.

Herbs from seeds in a room without radiation progressed quite normal and perfectly healthy.

phoneThe Young Researchers wanted to focus on how mobile phones that most of us hold near the bed, affect of sleep and concentration, but such a thing is impossible to measure in school, so decides of this experiment.

After they see the results, none of them are no longer sleeping “with the phone”.

It is amazing how much radiation has a negative impact on living beings, because everyone has to make their own account. During the night phone must be turned off or be in another room,
and the same goes for the computer, “says Lea Nielsen, one of the young researchers.

And what about after that? The experiment proved how harmful radiation, and you think that in the future during the night will keep your phone close to the head!

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