That’s what happens when you drink water immediately after awakening – is treated high blood – 30 days, stomach problems – 10 days, diabetes …

Scientists informed that it is absolutely beneficial to our health.

Drinking water on awakening is associated with the treatment and prophylaxis of certain diseases and conditions such as headache, body aches, arthritis, heart disease, epilepsy, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, disease of the uterus and diseases of the throat.

The process: after awakening, before you do anything else, drink 4 to 6 glasses of potable water. Remember, if for some reason you can not take as much water at once, start with as much as you can and gradually increase the amount.

drink waterWash your teeth and execute morning routine of oral hygiene, then wait 45 minutes before you eat or drink something else. After 45 minutes you can have breakfast as usual, then do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.

For specific diseases, if you use the method above, the study shows, that still need to the respect a certain regimen application of days to cure any disease. Hypertension -30 days, stomach problems – 10 days, diabetes – 30 days, cancer -180 days.

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