This medication gives excellent results: for people with decreased immunity and against cancer!

This medicine often recommend doctors to patients with especially decreased immunity. It is rich in active ingredients that help the body to fight off many diseases, they can also take it and quite healthy people.

Necessary ingredients:

½ liter of lemon juice mix nicely with:

1 kg (35oz.) of honey (1 jar, if honey is crystallized, mix until melted)

350 g (12oz.) Tahini (½ jar) so, at that added the crushed:

medication250 g (8.81oz.) almonds

250g (8.81oz.) walnuts

250g (8.81oz.) hazelnuts

250g (8.81oz.) sesame (milling with machine for coffee)

10 g (o.35oz.) cinnamon, ground or 10 g nutmeg, grated

30 ml (1 oz.) propolis

This medication gives excellent results. Sick with cancer and patients who are taking chemotherapy initially should take hard dose total 4 tablespoons per day as follows:

The first spoon in the morning on an empty stomach

Second spoon 2 hours after breakfast

Third spoon 2 hours after lunch

and final, fourth spoon at night before going to bed.

When it is established that immunity is good, for further maintenance of immunity dose is reduced to half, or taken a total of 4 small coffee spoons per day in the same schedule. Healthy people to maintain immunity,they also can taken the reduces dose.

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