Why your eye “play” sometimes and which health problems do you have? How to deal with this uncomfortable feeling?

All of us least once we encountered some kind of reduction of the eye, which is often described as a “playing” of the eye or of the area around it.

Usually it affects the upper or lower eyelid, and its duration may vary, so sometimes last for days, even weeks.

“Play” of the eye is a very common situation and we are often a burden because it is unpleasant feeling.

In most cases, however, this is an indication for some of the smaller health problems:

eyeTiredness: Perhaps you lack sleep.

Stress: Try relaxation techniques, yoga or meditation.

Caffeine: Maybe you should reduce the amount of coffee you drink.

Eye irritation: If you recently had eye irritation.

Smoking: Maybe it’s time to leave cigarettes.

Besides the constant tremors may appear blurred vision or sensitivity to strong light. Anyway, do not worry, “playing” eye can not hurt you eyesight.

In very rare cases, playing the eye may be a sign of a serious health condition, such as problems with the nerves (Tourette syndrome), paralysis of the nerves, or inflammation of the eyelid. However, in these cases, spasms occur faster and usually affects both eyes.

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