A soaked lilac in brandy ,the pain in the arms and legs disappear in an instant!

Pain in the arms and legs, that are exacerbated mostly at night, usually are due to the problems with joints. We are used to discard it these painful conditions until the time comes, which we are experiencing difficulties not only in the evening but in the morning, even before we wake up of bed.

Unfortunately, painkillers have a brief effect.

To help your body to restore the good condition of the joints, you can apply the following natural recipe.lilacbrnady newPour 1, flower lilac with 1/2 liter strong brandy and leave the mixture to stand in a dark place for 1 week. During this time, do not forget from time to time to shake well. Anoint yourself with finished lilac tincture or make compresses on the painful area every night before bedtime. Stay with the compress throughout the night. You will notice the effect after the first few procedures, starting from the morning when you wake up easier from the bed.

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