Here from this mask, the hair grows rapidly and gets shine

There are ingredients that are a real blessing for your hair, even if you think that is no chance

One of these components is the banana, which contains many vitamins and natural oils, so that in combination with several other ingredients can strengthen hair, give shine and make it softer.

Moreover, helps in flowering ends.

Home mask shall prepare, in a container blend a banana and mix with egg yolk.

Add a little honey and ½ cup dark beer.

hairBeer contains hops, yeast and vitamins, which act positively of the hair.

When you combine all the ingredients, the resulting mask apply on your hair and cover it with a cloth, and keep about 1 hour. Then wash with shampoo 2 times.

The procedure can repeat once a week and if you notice that you have a problem with washing the mask, you can exclude the honey.

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