Recipes with a bark of Lemon, that will help to remove pains in the joints

Lemon is one of the most useful products that we have in our planet. Act positively on many diseases, helps in the work of human organs. If you eat regularly and properly, can prevent many diseases, to increase immunity and to protect the body.

Among other things the crust of lemon can help in treating the joints. Indeed, if properly make this recipe, you’ll feel great relief in joints such as the hands and feet. Put in the jar bark of two peeled lemons and pour olive oil over them to the top of the jar. Close the jar and let it stand for two weeks.

lemonsAfter that the remedy is ready for use. Apply on clean gauze, and place on the ill joint, then place a clean nylon and wrap the place with woolen scarf. This procedure do in the evening and sleep with lining. The next morning you will feel great relief.

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