Why you should never order water in a cafe, restaurant or any other eatery?

When you exit for coffee or lunch, you often happens to want a glass of water, but after reading this you will forget about this habit.

Water with ice

Most people get a glass with ice, whether requested or not, but the “Daily Mail” conducted a study and concluded that the forms of ice have more bacteria than in the tap water.

Water with lemon

In some restaurants and cafes in the water put and a slice of lemon, but the truth is that this is another place complete by bacteria. The results of the study published in the “Journal Of environmental Health” showed that about 70 percent of these pieces have an awful lot of germs.

water with iceGlass

Two years they done research in American restaurants and tested where has the most bacteria. 10 surfaces on which there was most bacteria is found that the cup are exactly the first place.

The personnel must reaches the bottom when they wash a glass, but unfortunately many do not adhere to this rule.

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