Banana diet melts fat starting from tomorrow – three days – six pounds!

All diets recommend avoiding bananas because they contain too much fructose. The important thing is to know with other products combine them, so that work in our favor.

If we learn to control fat, which we take, we could eat bananas more often without us reflect on weight.

This simple diet with bananas will help you get rid of 3-4 kg( 6 lbs) for a few days as areas with fat will start to melt first.

banana diet3-day diet with bananas:

Next 3 days eat 3 to 5 bananas per day, each time taking a glass of low fat milk. If desired, you can replace with fresh yogurt.

For more diversity you can freeze one banana for a few hours, then mix it with a little low-fat milk and get something tasty, which resemble as ice cream.

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