He did a pregnancy test as a joke and has been positive! He had no idea that saved his life! That’s what happened!

This story is a post from a man in a social networks and it really impressed me. What has happened is that while he was in the bathroom one day accidentally saw the pregnancy test from ex girlfriend and as jokingly decided to try it himself.

His astonishment was immense when he put urine on it and saw two bars !!!
As we know, the two bars indicate that you are pregnant. Apparently he himself could not be “pregnant” and it became even more fun. It was not already so happily, however, when someone commented under the photo, ” If you are a man and you make a pregnancy test and it appear two hyphens , it may be an indication of testicular cancer and should visit your doctor as soon as possible.”

After examination  was found that thanks to the happy coincidence,testicular cancer was detected at an early stage.

pregnancy testWhat actually happened in the man’s body?

Pregnancy test gives indications of HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin, or human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone of pregnancy, which is usually produced by the placenta of a woman who is pregnant, as found in men who have testicular cancer.

Pregnancy test is positive,when you catch presence of this hormone and the man did well, when he went to the doctor where discovered a small tumor on his testicles.
However, it is not required, anyone can make a pregnancy test to find out whether it is suffering from testicular cancer. What is needed is examination of a specialist and pregnancy test is not sufficient.

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