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How the plastic cap from the pen can save your life?

A seemingly simple and cheapest of pens, which certainly never thought what it means and why serve the “cap”. But there is a detail that no one noticed and did not know what it was for, but saves many lives!

If you look at the cap, you will see that the top is hollow.

Small children aware that everything they see put in the mouth, and often adults when deepen in mind, they long known that chewing a pencil or rotate the cap in their mouth.

penOnly in such unconscious situations that can happen and it’s terrible fall hat into the trachea and then not be able to take a breath.

This is a precaution from designers of Cristal Pen reached the best idea, cap be hollow, and in the event that a similar problem, the opening can let in enough oxygen to not suffocate while an ambulance arrives.

For the same reasons, and lollipop sticks are hollow.

This solution is supported by all manufacturers of pens and the British Standards Institute to make adjustments to its guidelines for their preparation and use.

“Good design is immediately visible, excellent design is not visible.”

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