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The miracle recipe from honey, walnuts, cinnamon and pectin for weight loss and treatment of cancer

In this article you can find two recipes for weight losing and for the treatment of cancer, from the famous Prof. Mermerski from Bulgaria

Who Is Prof.Mermerski

Prof. Mermerski was born in 1934 in Vratsa,Bulgaria.

He graduated the Agricultural Academy in 1962. His first PhD defended in Moscow.
He has specialized in the University of Illinois, USA, in 1980. He was Deputy Minister of Agriculture and advisor on biological sciences, technology and agriculture in the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington.

miracle recipeFIRST RECIPE FOR TREATMENT AND WEIGHT LOSS from Prof. Mermerski :

Recipe which is proven, cures from cancer and tumor diseases to hormonal problems, decreased immunity, goiter and more.

Necessary products:
* 15 medium-sized, but very fresh with bright lemon peel
* 12 heads of fresh garlic
* 1 kg of pure honey
* 400 g wheat sprouted seeds
* 400 g. Fresh walnuts.

How to germinate seeds at home? Take 400 grams. wheat and put it in a clean glass jar. Pour it with water around 10-12 hours. Then cover the jar with gauze. Drain the water and rinse the beans well. After about one day will be obtained sprouts with size 1-2 mm.

Digest garlic cloves with kernels and sprouts. Then digest 5 lemon with rind and mix them in enameled saucepan. Of the remaining 10 lemons,take just lemon juice, and add them to the homogeneous mixture. Add honey and stir continuously. Pour into jars from 1-2 liters. Store in the refrigerator.

After 3 days you can consume.

With this food treat the whole body, and that of all diseases that were instilled in him:

–  Treatment of the heart and the purifying of the blood vessels of the accumulated plaque;

–  Improving and updating literally immune system;

–  Cleansing the liver, kidneys and the whole excretory system;

–  Cleansing the digestive system from pathogenic microflora;

–  Improving the brain and memory;

–  Slowing the progression of atherosclerosis;

–  Protects against heart attack, stroke and heals people from those diseases;

–  Remedy for gout;

–  Excellent for recovery operations;

–  The best cure for breast cancer and other cancers;

–  Preserves the freshness of the body, beauty, youth and energy, because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable fat.

This recipe will keep the activities of all organs and systems will improve hormonal activity of all endocrine glands, which keeps the body vital and healthy.

Recipe ensures health and longevity.

There are two versions of taking of the recipe:

The first – 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime 1-2 tablespoons

The second – in serious diseases – cancer – the recipe is taken every 2 hours 1-2 tablespoons


Ingredients for breakfast for an everlasting health and youth

1.  1 yogurt
2.  1 tablespoon apple pectin
3.  1 tablespoon honey
4.  40-50 g chopped walnuts (nuts about 10 nuts)
5.  ½ teaspoon cinnamon
6.  30 drops of propolis

1. In evening before bedtime pour pectin in the yoghurt, mix well and leave in the fridge overnight to allow the pectin to dissolve. You can mix all ingredients together in the morning, but will have to wait a little while to dissolve the pectin. Therefore, to save precious moments for all morning, best prepare in the evening.

2. In morning, add chopped walnuts, cinnamon, honey and propolis and mix again.

These ingredients are included all the vitamins, mineral nutrients, amino acids and fatty acids. That is, these are recipes for longevity and weight reduction. In addition, with this recipes the organism was purified from toxins, of heavy metals from other accumulated noxious substances. And reduces blood pressure, regulate heart activity. This is the secret to losing weight, toning the immune system and delayed aging.

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