Melt in only just for 20 days! Following this diet will not be able to recognize you,you will lose weight with lightning effect

True mania gripped Hollywood with the new diet. The regime has lightning effects and so the diet is reached first place among the best – an absolute hit!

A diet for rapid melting is based on the split diet. In addition, it will reduce a lot of weight and will simultaneously purify your body. The author of the regime claims that if you follow strictly the rules and the complete cycle of the diet, which lasts three weeks will reduce the circumference by 10 kg. ( 22 pounds)

Drink at least 2 liters of water!

weight lossMonday – Any fruit except bananas

Tuesday – Any kind of vegetables, seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar or mustard.

Wednesday – All kinds of fruits and vegetables, except banana.

ThursdayFive bananas with 3 cups of low-fat milk.

Friday – Beef stew, chicken or grilled fish with fresh salad.

Saturday – Beef and salad.

Sunday – Fish and salad.

This is the main menu for every day, and you have to divide food into small portions over the course of one day. This is repeated three times, i.e., same menu for those seven days will continue in the next two weeks. Sometimes in the morning you can afford yogurt with a little granola, if you can not endure.

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