Whole life you wash your hair in wrong way. Have you heard of reverse washing and why it is so useful?

We assume that as each woman, and you have already established a routine of washing your hair. First you apply shampoo once or twice and finally rinse.

Have you heard of the reverse washing your hair?

This method suggests first applying a mask or conditioner, then shampoo.

Why is this necessary?

First, the order of application of the product is ideal for women with thinning hair, for one reason – so you will be sure that after washing carefully remove the balm.

hair washThe conditioner should soften hair, but often remain on the hair and after rinsing. And, if you apply at the beginning much easier, will washed with shampoo afterward

The shampoo should only be rubbed into the roots, while regenerators and masks  placing only to the peaks. Shampoo, which applied only to the top will descend on the hair and this is enough hair to stay clean

Those who have tried to reverse request for washing the hair that after only a few weeks noticed that hair is more shiny and thicker hair and they have no problems with electric as quickly greasy.

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