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How Smart Phones Destroy Children’s Brain

There is a new trend nowadays, which is noticed by almost everybody, and in many cases we are aware of it! It happens all the time, especially in restaurants when we are surrounded by families with children, who very strangely are quiet. What is more strange they neither eat or talking to each other or to their parents. It is the magic electronic thing which attracts their attention all the time.

It has to be stressed that these electronic machines can be very helpful if used for educational aims, different games make  easier  parent`s as well as baby sitter`s works, while looking after them.  If the parents, for instance use the latest`s technological devices on the one hand for their needs, on the other hand if they let their children simply waste their time on them, it means that they have abandoned their task as good parents and let the children on their own, by doing whatever they want with these inventions. Here are some of the following harmful effects of these inventions.


Not always has the screen time been problematic.  Before the invention of the popular smartphones and tablets, it was television that the children admired to sit in front of. What is more, the children used to go to picnics, take part in different school activities, and be outside in the open much more. But nowadays it is very evident, according to the many done statistics, that the children have replaced the above mentioned time with the screen time!

This is extremely dangerous, especially if it becomes a child`s habit in the first three years of their early childhood. According to almost all the results they have achieved.. The American Association of Pediatricians has made some limitations, as far as the age for screening is concerned. Until they are two, about 90 % of children should watch TV, and while growing up, they can allow themselves their screening time.

That is the reason why today, there is a huge gap in the process of communication within the teenagers. What is more they do not have an idea what reality means. But one thing is for sure, their best friends, their everything are their  cell phones, which keeps them far away from their real life.


The majority of the homes in our modern times are full of the latest technological inventions. There is the computer the lap top, different types of televisions, which realistically keeps the children far from screening whenever they feel so.


When speaking about babies, it has to be stressed that the best thing for them is reading and definitely playing different types of games. Different educational programs can also be very helpful.

It should not be forgotten that children are nothing but human beings. They should be taken care of a lot , That is why they should be communicated a lot, we should talk to them, so that they can develop their cognitive abilities as much as possible Human interaction is the best way for the children to grow up. This is also an ideal way to keep them away from the above mentioned technological trends. Human interaction provides a healthy and rational and extrovert thinking. It is against alienation and other similar human deformities.

All these things will be reflected when children will go to school, how they will accept and will be accepted by the rest of the pupils, how much able will they be in creating healthy friendships, and these are only some of the reasons why their parents should follow these steps..

So, the more patient you are with your children, the more you talk and arguments you will give them, you will manage to keep your children from the technological devices…Do not forget to create a culture of reading books, which are the best  windows toward the world.



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