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Awesome cure for ear infections and cerumen ( ear secretion)

All you need is only two ingredients: alcohol and white vinegar

It is very well known that alcohol and vinegar can disinfect . By this we understand that they can be used for ear conditions like ear wax, dried ear and ear infections. The mixture of these two is an efficient natural remedy that is absolutely better than antibiotics , in the beginning of symptoms.

Suggested usage:

Mix 1:1 . equal parts of vinegar and alcohol.  Let’s say a little tea spoon of each.

earwax-ear-infectionsPut your head aside and pour half a teaspoon into the ear. Keep position for 30 – 60 seconds. Straight up and move your head to the opposite side to pour out content. 

Repeat procedure at least twice a day.

If your situation does not improve in three days, please visit your doctor. Do Not Use this mixture if you have a perforated ear drum, clogged ear or water inside your ear.

Image Source : wikihow.com

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