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Careful with TYLENOL! It kills You; New Warning Admits Popular Painkiller Causes Liver  Death

FDA  – The US Food and Drug Administration finally warns against acetaminophen , which is the main ingredient of this very much used popular pain killer in the USA called Tylenol.

It is toxic! Even healthy people with no preexisting conditions got liver damage after using it in proper dosage. It is so toxic that kills liver cells even if you take one Tylenol.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that after using it for two weeks in proper maximum dosage, people ended having serious liver damage.

tylenolGetting sick instead of getting better

The irony is that 90 percent of Americans are totally ignorant of the fact that their popular painkiller is in fact their killer in recommended doses! Acetaminophen in Tylenol and other painkillers causes permanent damage to the liver.  Taking more than recommended absolutely causes death, liver transplantation and liver failure.

Acetaminophen is the most frequent killer lately in many of the emergency cases of liver failure in the US.

80 000 people are brought to ER in many hospitals annually. 500 end up dead. Their livers are so intoxicated, it is impossible to heal.

Recently a study, led by Dr. Kenneth Simpson of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, found that there are higher chances  to die from a “staggered overdose” (taking just a little bit too much for some days or weeks) of Tylenol than from a single large overdose.

It is so frustrating to only think of all those pills that we have taken or given to our children to the present day. It may even be harder to understand how is it possible for such a drug to take part in our everyday lives. To think of all those lost lives that could be easily saved if only they knew what were they using… It is a painkiller that everyone seeks to have when feeling pain!

It is falsely presented  as the ” safest” painkiller!

There are 85 personal injury lawsuits in Federal Court filed against the company. McNeil is beginning to see the bitter reality of the widely spread lie of the supposed  “safe” pain killer.

“The warning will make it explicitly clear that the over-the-counter drug contains acetaminophen, a pain-relieving ingredient that’s the nation’s leading cause of sudden liver failure,” writes Matthew Perrone for the AP. “The new cap is designed to grab the attention of people who don’t read warnings that already appear in the fine print on the product’s label, according to company executives.”

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