If you use in this way tampons, making a big mistake!

With the arrival of warmer days, many girls and women decide to use tampons during the menstrual cycle.

They allow us to wear light clothing, and also to bathe in the sea, instead of sitting in the shade shorts.

But in the use of tampons many women make some mistakes that can also endanger their health.

tamponLearn which they are and avoid them:

1. Wash your hands before and after inserting the tampon.
2. Do not insert the tampon deep enough.
3. Use only one size tampons.
4. Too rarely change tampon.
5. Use tampons only when necessary.
6. Wear tampons day before and day after menstruation.
7. Do not change the tampon after going in need
8. Do not change the tampon after swimming.
9. Store in a place,where water is sprayed.
10. Use aromatized tampons.

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