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Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

Russian folk medicine is very popular in treating varicose veins, but I will reveal only one remedy for now and that is something very simple ,easy and natural like green tomatoes !

The benefits of tomatoes are well known by now for many health conditions. Red and green tomatoes are a good natural aid against many illnesses. This time I will write about the green tomato.

Green tomato against varicose veins

It is indeed a simple procedure. Wash tomatoes, cut in thin slices and apply on varicose veins nodes or spread further on the veins net.

Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoesTie them around with any cloth so they keep on top of the needed place. Keep until you feel itchy or if you feel any other discomfort.

If it feels like burning, rinse with cold water.  It is best if applied five times a day.

If not possible, the procedure can be applied at night too.

Pain and swelling of veins and capillaries can be treated well with green tomatoes because they act as Aspirin .

Green tomatoes have an acid substance that has an anti- coagulant property that makes the blood thinner and by this it helps proper blood flow in the veins and capillaries .

Results should be evident after two weeks of regular procedure. .

Source : makeyourlifehealthier.com

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