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How To Recognize the Plastics That Are Hazardous To Your Health

Do you check the bottom of the bottle or plastic cup you drink from to see which number is engraved on?

Are you aware of the toxins the plastic cups and bottles release?

Do you drink water from the same plastic bottle? If you do, do you know how many times it can be reused?

Please think seriously about these questions because some types of plastic used for food storage are highly toxic.

To avoid any uncertainty please see the following short warnings.

plastic1 PET (PETE) – Do not use ! It releases highly toxic EPA compounds and heavy metals antimony that cause hormone activity obstruction.

2 _ HDP ( HDPE) – “Safe “ plastic.

3 – PVC (3v) , Do not use! Causes complication of proper hormone balance

4 – LDPE – Good! which does not release substances, safe to use

5 – PP – OK! Typically comes in white color. No release of substances.

6 – PS – Bad! Contains Styrene. A cancer causing ingredient. Avoid!

7- PC ( may also not contain it ). Releases BPA- WORST plastic ever! Stay away!

Please remember these numbers for a better life! Warn people about them because we use plastic on a daily bases not aware of the life threatening consequences.
Now in the end , ask you self which was the safest. That’s good enough to know.

Source : io9.com

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