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McDonald’s Under Fire After Hidden Footage Reveals The Truth Behind McNuggets

Mercy for Animals, is a animal rights organization that has revealed the most brutal and cruel way of preparing chicken meat for the famous Mcnuggets.

Namely it is T&S Farm in Dukedom , the notorious chicken farm in Tennessee that supplies Tyson Foods with chicken meat. Tyson Foods is the main meat supplier for Mcdonalds.

The story was revealed by an undercover investigator who video recorded all the procedure of slaughtering. He worked for this farm for almost an year.

In July and August , the farm’s workers were recorded how they step on the live chicken’s heads, how they hit them with spiked bets made by themselves saying ; ” You don’t work for PETA, Do you?”


Well of course only after stories like these are revealed, does the “ Tyson Foods” release statements saying : “Members of our animal well-being team are investigating, however, based on what we currently know, we are terminating the farmer’s contract to grow chickens for us.”
Tyson Foods and Mcdonalds have stopped contracting the Tennessee farm ever since.

However, Mcdonalds also came with a statement saying : “We believe treating animals with care and respect is an integral part of a responsible supply chain and find the behavior depicted in this video to be completely unacceptable. We support Tyson Foods’ decision to terminate their contract with this farmer.”

It seems like Tyson contracted farms work brutally until they get caught. It has been many times until now that the animal rights group has recorded videos of chicken torture before slaughtering . Last month an other video was released at a Tyson contracted chicken farm in Delawere.

Please follow the latest footage. CAREFULL! it is not for the frail of heart…(WARNING GRAPHIC):

Author : SM Gibson
Source: theantimedia.org
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