NATURAL CURE Written In The Bible” Extremely Powerful 3,500 yr-old Remedy Cures All Diseases

The oldest remedy used almost for every pain, burn or disease from the beginning of era is made from olive tree parts. Be it leaves, olives, olive seeds, they are all used for remedies.

We have all heard of the healing powers of olive oil, but only a few of us know that it is the leaves that carry the main ingredients. They are used mainly to make tea .Many other remedies can be made out olive leaves for example they are very efficient for skin care.

Olive leaves can be used to treat meningitis, gonorrhea, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, herpes, hepatitis B and everything related to parasites, bacterial and fungal infestation.


Due to its potent ingredient oleuropein olive leaves are anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti bacterial. They are very useful after surgery, to prevent from infections and also while and after chemo therapy to cleanse the body and help restore energy.

You can drink olive leaf tea when you are under pressure, stressed or have panic attacks or when you just want to relax after a hard day.

Spring is a proper time to harvest olive leaves. Dry them in air. Keep closed in glass jars in cool and dry dark paces.

The olive tea procedure
Use twenty leaves and boil for 10 – 15 minutes in 2, 5 dl of water.
Cool for another 10 minutes and sweeten according to taste. Use lemon and only quality honey if you may consume honey. If not, drink plain tea.

For best results, drink tea for at least two weeks regularly.

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