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10 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection – What Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know

It has become a habit to just go to the doctor’s office at any sign of illness and get medication that in most cases does more damage than good. The overuse of antibiotics has become a root cause of illnesses that are harder to treat now because of the resistance the bacteria have developed. Antibiotic means anti life and as it kills dangerous bacteria it also kills the good ones.

Indeed the antibiotics have a well deserved fame in medicine because of their power against bacteria, but there is a bad side to them because of the damage they cause to the intestine principally and the other organs of the body.

Since we all are aware of the importance of the natural products, why not try “The famous 10 natural antibiotics “ that every household uses on a daily bases, plus they’re so cheap.

1. Garlic


Some cloves of garlic a day, keep the doctor away! It sounds familiar right?

It is the strongest fighter of bad bacteria and absolutely does no harm to the body. From the very place it enters the body to the very last it ends , it fights, cleans and helps the body for countless health issues.

Viruses ( AIDS)even, bacteria, parasites, fungi, allergies, blood pressure, diabetes, colds ,toothaches, skin infections, herpes and the last but not the least – the flue.

Remember to always eat it raw – whenever you can… Eat it in salads, souses and if eating it raw is a problem, than please for your sake put it in every soup, broth or any cooked meal. You know it loses the best of the properties, if cooked, but still better something than nothing…

2. Onions


They are almost as potent as garlic in fighting many illnesses as well. Onions are anti-inflammatory,  pain soothing and a great aid in fighting the flue and the cold. They clean the blood and have no side effects.

Eating it raw is always the wiser option.

3. Grapefruit Seed Extract


It is much talked about and it is all very true that with the grape seed extract you can fight parasites, fungi, bacteria and countless health conditions. It is in fact so potent that it has been suggested as excellent bathroom cleaning product.

It is a strong extract so it must be diluted in water to use it. There are many recipes as to how much and for what use to consume it.

4. Horseradish


This veggie is indeed strong enough to keep your body going against many illnesses. It helps the blood circulation and has an antibiotic effect.

Bronchitis, pneumonia, kidney stones and infections of the urinary tract are treated quite successfully with horseradish in a raw form.

5. Vitamin C

This king of vitamins can luckily be found in many vegetables and fruits. Its importance for our health is of utmost value and is very needed for almost every process in our body. There is almost always a need for Vitamin C.

The pineapples, lemons and  oranges are very rich in Vitamin C. Many vegetables contain it too. But it is best when they are consumed raw.

Squeeze some orange juice, some lemon and pine apple juice and have a vitamin bomb to kill all the germs away from your system.

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