A miracle for 60 seconds – The exercise, which replaces 1000 abdominal crossings

Sit ups for many are the most difficult and terrible exercise to practice, but all want healthy and flat stomach. Fortunately, fitness experts say that there is a workout that can replace whole 1000 sit ups.

It is about a static exercise, where the hands and toes bear the entire body weight and the body is stationary.

In this exercise, the body can not move nor millimeters, because the abdominal muscles are the foundation of human posture of the spine.

The exercise should do several times a week (at least three). It is believed that a few minutes practicing this exercise is made equal to 1,000 abdomen.

Do 3 repetitions of 60 seconds, “- experts recommend.


How to do the exercise?

1. Place your hands with elbows on the floor and legs should be straight. The head should be 30cm above ground level and the nose directed toward the floor.

2. The legs should be completely straight and the weight of the body to be transferred completely in the hands and toes.

3. Tighten your abdominal muscles and so try to stand still to 60 seconds.

4. Position yourself so that your arms and legs to be fully stretched on the floor.

5. Teaching repeat 3 times. When this exercise gets easier, downtime can extend to more than 60 seconds.

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