LEMON WATER CHALLENGE: Drink a Glass of Lemon Water for 28 Days and You will experience an unimaginable CHANGES !

Test yourself if you can endure the experiment and you will be delighted with the results

Famous American advocate of healthy living Danette May announced the video on the portal Youtube, with the desire to cause more people  join her experiment.

It is a challenge with lemon, which lasts 28 days, and delivers excellent results on several levels.

The lemon is alkaline food, and because of this trait,it has the power to clear away all the accumulated toxins from our body.

If you practice this habit every day, your body will constantly be practically without toxins, because drinking this potion every morning will solve the problem.

lemon water

Also, this little ritual can help you  lose weight, because water with lemon cleanses the liver, which is actually in charge of breaking up fat cells. So your metabolism will become much faster , fluid will not pile up, and you’ll finally have a feeling of a lighter body and clearer mind.

Generally you will become healthier and you will have more energy and you will feel great throughout the day!

All you need to do is:

Squeeze half a lemon in a warm glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.

So, before any food or liquids before any activity that you  usually practice when you wake up.

Danette advised to, if possible, use organic lemons for better results, but if you can’t find any, use plain.

Also, the water in which squeeze the lemon should not be cold. It is best to use room temperature water.

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