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Study Finds Pork And Human DNA In Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Americans are known by their famous hot dogs all over the world. But does the world know more of the hot dogs then the Americans do, is an interesting question. Every year a billion packs of hot dogs are sold in the USA. They are being consumed even though many times the public has been warned for the bad quality, off labeled ingredients , chemicals and other hidden content.

This text is more about the veggie burgers whom we thought to be free of meat…

Not only there was meat found in them, but also there was Human DNA!

Hot Dogs

This was revealed by “ USA Today”. It is 2% of the hot dog samples that contain human DNA and two – thirds of vegetarian hot dogs that contained Human DNA.

Do not panic! Human DNA means a little dandruff, hair or skin but not necessarily someone’s remains .

There is more to this. Not only was the human DNA a problem, but also 10 % of the vegetarian hot dogs contained meat, completely destroying the reason of their existence. Sadly there is no stop to this as 14 % of the vegetarian hot dogs had ingredients explained as “not damaging contaminants” and content that was not mentioned on the labels at all. Not to mention the sanitary conditions and the circumstances that some substitutes to certain ingredients were unintentionally added to the vegetarian hot dogs. Two thirds of sanitary issues were said to be involved in the vegetarian hot dogs.

Chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and pork were found for some reason we fail to understand, in the vegetarian hot dogs.
Clear food Organization conducted this research and revealed it recently. This organization is specialized in deep analyses called the “genomic technology. They actually brake the Y molecular components and analyze where they belong or originate from.

Another company, a subset of Clear labs analyzed the material of 345 hotdogs of 75 brands sold at 10 different food retailers. They made a serious study and stated that pork is unwanted in any food, according to the religion of some people. This unwanted meet was found in the chicken, beef and turkey sausages they confidently bought and ate. It was 3 % of pork.

The closure of this serious research is the most subtle ever! “While some of these substitutions, hygien ic issues, other variances, or off-label ingredients may be permitted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), our scientific disclosure allows you, as the consumer, to decide whether the variance or problems meet your personal standard in your buying decision.”I love the feeling it gives the reader.

Source: http://www.iflscience.com
Photo credit: Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock

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