The only way to lose weight without regain weight! Check it out!

All those who want to get rid of excess weight, knowing how easy their return.

To aid you, nutritionists say the secret it is in the three basic, healthy food, and more snacks that will keep you satisfied. But not talking about snacks such as chips and other unhealthy pleasures.

This is a list of foods that you can eat between meals containing less than 150 calories, that will prevent it stuffed.


1.70 oz. Raisins – 130 calories
2 kiwi fruit – 95 calories
21 almonds – 147 calories
Cup of yogurt – 60 calories
Cup of coffee without sugar + 0.35 oz. cheese – 37 calories
Glass of milk – 65 calories
3 small carrots – 65 calories
1 apples and 3.5 oz. yogurt – 50 calories

Fill the fridge and when you have the desire for something sweet or salty, remember these combinations.

You can always eat sunflower or pumpkin, fresh lettuce with vinegar, a little roasted potatoes, baked apples without sugar or small amounts of dried fruits.

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