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You’re Probably Eating Bleached Garlic From China. Here’s How to Spot It

Nowadays, everything is from China…

It has become a habit for some food producing companies to say that the products are local, but indeed they are from China. The problem is the low quality and the long time ago forbidden chemicals they are loaded with.

Parathion and Phorate are the two highly toxic pesticides that Chinese farmers use to grow their vegetables easier.

I bet that this infamous garlic you are reading about is already in your kitchen and in all the restaurants in your country or even worldwide.


What hurts us most is that we are in a constant pursuit of health, all we talk about is wellness and healthy living and instead of wellness we get poisoned garlic… Now we don’t know whether to have garlic or not.

An undercover investigator working for a health magazine discovered that Chinese farmers use banned pesticides and other chemicals to grow their vegetables. The whole world knows that a significant percentage of Chinese soil is heavily polluted with toxic chemicals ( cadmium and arsenic) hence it doesn’t take much to realize what their products may contain.

According to Epoch Times, “64,876 tons of dried, fresh, or chilled garlic, were imported from China in 2014… About a third of the garlic in the United States comes from China.”

In the U.S.A garlic is still being imported from China therefore the poisoned garlic is a real threat to our lives!

If you have already purchased garlic or you are planning to, please look for the following information on how to tell the difference between

Good Garlic        And        Chinese Garlic

  • Good garlic is heavy and rounded    / Chinese is Lighter
  • Good garlic has roots             / Chinese has no roots
  • Good garlic is richer in smell and taste / Chinese is a mere half

If you are interested in growing your own garlic, check out the video below:

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