Down Chadwick, a woman from England lost amazing 280 pounds (127 kg) very easy . She mostly ate pumpkin in various combinations with fruit, vegetables , rice, salty or sweet( natural sweet ) of course. She found this diet fit for her because she liked pumpkin indeed. According to the nutritionists  and the doctors, this fruity vegetable provides good  bowel movement, it is easy to digest, low in calories and most important of all is packed in valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals etc.

THE PUMPKIN is quite consumed at this time of the year. It has many ways to combine and it’s a all time favorite for many generations. It is delicious in pie, cake, bread, salad, soups and porridge. If it is consumed at this time, do not fear illness because it is packed in vitamins and minerals and other precious ingredients that keep the body well nourished and well fed. There is nothing better than to have a light dinner with baked or boiled pumpkin. Most pumpkins are sweet alone so there is no need to sweeten more.

Snack craving are no problem if you introduce pumpkin and have a piece or two when cravings start bothering you. It will keep you fit for a longer time and you shouldn’t worry about nutrition at all.


It is loved by everyone, be it vegetarian or common. Because of the amazing nutrients it possesses it is a number one food on the list of healthy food products. Nutritionists are a big fan of pumpkin and generously suggest it to everyone that lives healthy or intends to.

Pumpkin diet and the rules

Loose 13 pounds (6 kg) in 12 days by sticking to the cycle of repeated 4 days for three times.

This diet is a favorite because it is quite low in calorie and really high in nutrition, only 70 calories per 3.5 oz. packed in vitamins and minerals.

Carotene (provitamine A) is an obvious ingredient looking at the color, only in pumpkins it is much higher than in carrots.

The vitamins of the B group- B1, B2, PP and C and E vitamin together with rare vitamin K which is key ingredient for suitable  blood clotting plus the famous D vitamin which is a must in winter time even more, are all found in a piece of pumpkin weighing 3.5 – 4.2 oz.(100 – 120 gr.)

Pumpkin diet

It will take 12 days for the initial diet to complete. This regime is  repeated three times . Each period lasts four days .

To conclude, after the fourth day of the diet finishes, you start over again as in day one.

Keep the seeds. Do not throw them because they carry the most valuable in the pumpkin. They are so very rich in calcium, zinc, selenium and many other compounds, that would be foolish not to use. The seeds can be baked and enjoyed with or without salt, or can be used raw in salads and snacks which is even better because it will keep the nutrients alive .

A word of advice

Remember that you should be willing to give your and this diet a chance and believe in it. You should eat three times a day and have no snacks in the mean time. No sweeteners or sweets are allowed. In cases that you really must have sweet,  choose honey or dry fruit. Drink  6 cups (1.5 l) of water during the day.

Portions can be normal, not that small because pumpkin allows it, that’s the beauty of this diet after all…

Pumpkin in salads, baked or porridge, in pies or sweets can be enjoyed with no fear.

Pumpkin recepies

Honey pumpkin sweet dessert

Cut pieces up to 10 cm if you like and bake them .If the pumpkin is not sweet at all, only then you can put honey on top to sweeten it.

Pumpkin cutlets

Cut pumpkin in pieces up to 1 inch.  ( 3 cm), role in oat meal and 2 egg whites and fry.

Pumpkin pie

Grate the pumpkin and spread a thick layer onto the dough and bake it.

Pumpkin salad

Boil chunks of pumpkin, ad virgin oil of coconut, add pumpkin seeds, reasines , rice , wall nuts .

The first cycle of four days:


Salad of pumpkin / pumpkin porridge and brown rice, boiled in water or skim milk

Pumpkin puree

Baked pumpkin


Salad of pumpkin / pumpkin porridge and brown rice

Vegetable soup, pumpkin chops (made with protein and oatmeal)

Fresh or baked apples

DAY 3 

Salad of pumpkin / pumpkin porridge and brown rice

Vegetable soup with noodles

Salad of pumpkin and pineapple


Pumpkin salad with almonds / pumpkin mash and brown rice

Vegetable soup / roasted vegetables on the grill

Vegetable ragout with optional favorite vegetables, except potatoes

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